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Trump Raises

Trump Raises Red Flag at the Hong Kong Opera

One hundred flowers bloom, and 100 schools of thought: Donald J. Trump has a long-lost Chinese friend.

Trump, dressed in a black costume, a naughty blonde wig and a very long red tie, heads the Cantonese opera group during a rehearsal in Hong Kong.

In this absurd drama of the Trump-on-Show, viewers see a mixture of current and imagined events, including a meeting between the US President and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump, 26, is also looking for his twin brother Chuan Bo, a Chinese master, on a fictional trip to China with former US President Richard Nixon, who plays table tennis with Mao Zedong.

It starts with the first family moving to the White House.

Ivanka Trump found the Red Book, a collection of quotes and the ideology of the late communist leader, filled with her father’s handwritten notes returning to Nixon’s famous 1972 diplomatic tour of China.

The exhibition opened on Friday and lasts four days at the Sunshine Theater, the famous Cantonese opera house in Hong Kong.

The centuries-old art is usually characterized by old Chinese stories and legends, but the latter offers this refinement to the modern touch.

– Narcissistic characters –
“Donald Trump is the most important person in the world, while Cantonese opera is a forgotten and backward art form.” If we can write about it in the play, it will certainly help to draw people’s attention to the Cantonese opera culture. Lee, opera playwright.

He believes that the fame of the speaker will save the traditional musical theater.

He told me that Mao and Trump had narcissism in common.

“The 72-year-old Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution, and the 72-year-old Donald Trump creates the American Cultural Revolution,” said Li, a 72-year-old cultural revolutionist. AFP.

Feng Shui, who became a playwright, said that he rewrote the script at least 10 times to keep it fresh.

In the plot worked the US-China trade war and the ambiguous detention of the leaders of Huawei Meng and Wanzhou.

The story also impresses leaders – Trump orders it every day and drinks 12 bottles of coke, and Kim knows how to make Swiss cheese fondue.

Trump Long Kun-Ting, who also serves as the brother of the legendary Chinese twins Mao and Trump.

Behind the scenes, “Ivanka” helped her father with makeup and hair. Within 15 minutes, “Mao” was transformed into “Trump”.

“Separating different characters is a difficult task,” said Long. “You must tell them whom to play when they appear on the stage.”

Lee released “Chairman Mao” three years ago, the first installation of the Mao Trio.

After Trump’s second play, he plans to complete the series with a story about Mao and Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.

He has big ambitions for Trump’s opera.

“My goal in the future is to play for Trump and praise Trump.”