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Trump knows

Trump knows nothing about WikiLeaks

It was far from “I love Wikileaks!”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump stated that he “knows nothing about WikiLeaks” after his loyal founder, Julian Assange, was fired from the Ecuadorian embassy in London to file charges, in contrast to how Trump received praise for night Assange after the night in the finals. 2016 presidential campaign weeks.

Asked about the arrest on Thursday, Trump said in the White House: “This is not something for me, I know that there is something with Julian Assange, I saw what happened to Assange, and this will be the design, and I I will imagine, mainly the prosecutor general, therefore I will make a decision, I really don’t know anything about him. ”

“This is not my business in life.”

But WikiLeaks was Trump’s deal in 2016, where he welcomed the political leverage of his campaign and praised the Clinton campaign emails.
The same October, when Access Hollywood appeared, Trump reported that in 2005, Trump was surprised by the groping of women. Wikileaks began sending malicious emails from campaign manager Hillary Clinton, John Podesta. Trump and his allies, who faced a tough battle in the last month of the campaign, seized illegal landfills and their weapons.
Trump said in Pennsylvania: “WikiLeaks, I love Wikileaks.”
“This WikiLeaks looks like a treasure,” said Trump in Michigan.
“I love the boy reading WikiLeaks,” said Trump in Ohio.
Finally, Trump and Wikileaks were praised more than 100 times, and Azieng’s poster was suspended behind the scenes in the Republic’s chat room. At no stage in the assembly, Trump expressed no doubt about how WikiLeaks received emails from the Clinton campaign or about allegations of stealing confidential information from the US government, which led to charges against Assange on Thursday.
For many years, Assange was under the scrutiny of the US Department of Justice for the role of Wikileaks in the publication of thousands of government secrets. He was an important figure in the investigation conducted by private lawyer Robert Muller in Russia, where investigators studied how WikiLeaks received emails stolen from democratic groups.
When asked about Assange in 2017, Trump said that he “does not support or does not support” WikiLeaks’s move to launch hacked emails and that he will not participate in any decision of the US government to arrest Assange.
Trump told the Associated Press: “I’m not involved in this decision,” whether I’m going to arrest Asanga or not, but if they want to do this, I’m fine. ”
Currently, the Justice Department has accused Assange of conspiracy to hack into a computer, accusing him of planning, together with Chelsea Manning, a former military intelligence analyst, to crack the password for a secret government computer.
The only accusation of a computer hacker plot is up to five years in prison, although the Ministry of Justice may add additional charges based on the evidence it has collected. Last month, Manning was sentenced to imprisonment for refusing to testify before a grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, which is why prosecutors are still working.
It is unclear why the Assange prosecution, which was sealed last year, was announced at this time and why it was now detained – a few weeks after the completion of the investigation of Muller. None of the allegations in the case includes interference with the Russian elections or the role of WikiLeaks in distributing emails stolen by the Russian special services from the Democrats.
The indictment against 12 Rossi last year described the role of WikiLeaks in distributing emails that were cracked in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. Although the indictment stated that Wikileaks coordinated the publication of this information, there were no complaints that the organization requested a breakthrough Democratic mailboxes or worked with the Russians.
Asang’s arrest provoked an emotional reaction abroad, and some expressed concern about protection from whistleblowers, but the initial bipartisan reaction in Washington was a relief.
“I’m glad to see that the wheels of justice are finally turning when it comes to Julian Assange,” says Wayne Lindsay Graham, R-SC, Trump’s ally. His actions – the dissemination of secret information – endanger our troops and threaten the lives of those who helped us in Iraq and Afghanistan. ”
Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, a senior Democrat on the intelligence committee, said he hoped that the British courts would quickly transfer Assange into US custody, “so that he can finally get the justice he deserves.
Advocate Assange previously stated that he plans to fight any charges against the United States against him. Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012 after he was released on bail in the UK when he was threatened with extradition to Sweden

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