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Nuredrat accused of murder of Nusrat

Nuredrat accused of murder of Nusrat

On Friday, police arrested one of the main suspects in the murder case in connection with the death of Nusrat Jahan Rafi, a pupil of Winnie School.

In the morning, a group from the police investigation department arrested Nureddin from Sayed Stor district in Balhuk, Mimingsing district.

Nur ad-Din and Savra Hussain, known as Shamim, are allegedly involved in the murder of Nusrat Jahan, a student of the Islamic school of Sanjazia Fadhil, who opened fire on April 6.

The defendants are loyal to Siraj Odeh Doule, the school principal, who is said to have been sexually harassed for his victory.

Siraj was arrested on March 27th.

A committee of 20 members was formed to put pressure on the director’s release, nooruddin took part in the meeting and invited Shahdat Hussein.

On March 28 and 30, they organized protest programs and formed human chains in Sonazi Upazila to demand the release of the director.

He also claimed that the two men threatened his victory.

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