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“No special relationship”

“No special relationship” to Assange: Australian Prime Minister

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Friday that Wikileaks founder and Australian citizen Julian Assange will not receive a “special treatment” from his country after his arrest in the UK.

Asang’s shelter for seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London ended mostly on Thursday, when police dragged the founder of Wikileaks from the building into a waiting car.

On Thursday, a British court found him guilty of violating the conditions of bail in 2012 and was sentenced to one year in prison.

But the US authorities are trying to transfer him on charges related to his work with former American intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning in 2010, when considering the case on May 2.

Twenty-four hours after the start of the official campaign, Morrison said that Assange would receive the same support as any other Australian who got into trouble abroad, and that this supply was “for the United States.”

“Well, we have nothing to do with this, it’s about the United States,” he told ABC.

“There is a lawsuit, and it will be accompanied by a number of things, and I expect it to follow.” He will receive the same consular support as any other Australians in these circumstances. ”

Morrison also fired Bill Shorton, who prefers to become Australia’s next prime minister after the May 18 elections, himself on this issue.

“The legal system will move forward, and you should get the support that any other Australian citizen should have,” the opposition leader told reporters.

“The case is before the court, so I don’t think I can add anything,” he said.

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