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Nawaz Deen loves

Nawaz Deen loves watching English movies

Bollywood actor Nawaz al-Din Siddiqi says that he likes to watch English films, even if the language sometimes eludes him.

“Perhaps I don’t always understand what they are talking about, but it seems to me that I understand films better than most people who understand and speak English,” said Nawazuddin.

Nawazuddin revealed his love of cinema and his favorite films in the latest IMDb episode, “The Insider Watch”.

The actor said he was jealous when he saw some dramatic roles depicted by actors on the screen, especially in many international films.

“When I saw Tony Long in Wong Kar Wai in Mood for Love, I was very jealous of his work, he understood the role well, you did not see him on his face or in his film, but you could see how your mind to bring you, It’s obvious, or if you look at Bicycle Thief, you’ll understand that these actors don’t need to be shown that they are acting, and I love them. ”

When it comes to watching movies in cinemas, Nawaz al-Din expressed his love for the exciting films of Amitabh Bachchan of his days as an angry young man.

He also expressed his love for great artists. “I like Baha’i films (Salman Khan), I like films, I like to watch them … I go and watch them for pure entertainment, so you don’t see any sight in them because you are interested in watching movies.

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