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Hebang, Taste of the hills in Dhaka

Hebang, Taste of the hills in Dhaka

Outwardly, it looks like any other urban restaurant, but at the moment when you enter it, it is a different world. Everywhere bamboo work. Not surprising, because this restaurant serves the hills. This is Hebang, a taste of the hills in Dhaka.

There is an attractive bamboo structure known in Chakma as ijar. Ijar is a room where people sit or rest. Civilians can get here and enjoy the hill in a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere.

This restaurant, Hebang, was opened in Kazipar, Mirpur, near the pedestrian bridge in the area.

This is the first of its kind restaurant from a hill driven by women, offering exclusive food on the hill. This will be to meet the needs of previously online customers. “We received a huge response on the Internet, we decided to open a restaurant, this is very good,” says Sushina Chakma, one of four sisters who run the restaurant.

Hebang was launched on December 16th. The restaurant, the online food, was the brainchild of Priyanka, the second of four sisters. He had another restaurant offering this kind of cuisine in the same place, and they bought the company and changed the name to Hebang.

Hepang refers to the method of cooking steamed. In fact, a characteristic of these kitchens is that they are steaming or boiling. Then there’s Sumot de Ton, where chicken or other meat is stuffed into bamboo and placed in a fire.

Pajon is another popular item. This is cooked Binny rice with local vegetables. Pajón is traditionally eaten during the festival of the hills to get rain or farewell to the monsoons. There are all kinds of dried fish dishes. Another tasty ingredient is small snails cooked with a spicy cabbage mixture.

The interior of the restaurant. Photo: Prothom AloHebang offers duck, small fish, crabs and other materials. In addition to the usual broiler chickens, there are wild birds on the list.

In addition to lunch and dinner, Hebang also offers all sorts of local cakes or pita bread. There is Pete Pini rice, freshly baked banana pita and jacuzzi.

Drinks include a range of fruit juices. Then there are three types of tea – tamarind tea, mint tea, rosella tea. “Rosella tea is our own cooking,” said Pibali’s older sister, “we used fruit pies.”

The restaurant also caters for Christmas and other special occasions. Reservations must be made in advance.

Interestingly, 80 percent of customers are Bengalis, not people in mountainous areas. At the first visit to the restaurant, client Donald Khan and his friend Della are delighted. “We are pleased with the oil-free food and atmosphere,” he says.

Little food. Photo: Promo Alu in the ground is maintained, the music of the hill quietly plays, corrects the mood. They even have special music programs in different cases. “This restaurant may be our business, but we really want to offer hills and support our rich culture,” says Priyanka.

* This report, originally published in Prothom Alo Bangla, was written in English by Aishey Kbeir.

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