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Captain "Cool" Donnie Fined to Meet Judges

Captain “Cool” Donnie Fined to Meet Judges

Mahindra Singh’s unusual blow against an ambiguous wise decision led to the fact that Chennai’s Super Kings was fined 50 percent of the game fee in the Premier League match on Thursday in Jaipur.

He was awarded the rank of captain Kul during his full years cup, when he was the captain of India. Donny unusually stepped onto the field to sign a controversial challenge in a thrilling final against Rajasthan Royals.

“Captain Chennai Super Kings MS Doni was fined 50 percent of his fee for violating the rules of the Indian Premier League during his team’s match against Rajasthan Royals in Jaipur, ”the statement reads.

Chaos came to an end after referee Olhas Gandhi indicated that the ball was not thrown by Ben Stokes, but the decision was dropped by referee Bruce Oxenford with his foot, prompting Donnie to enter the field and meet with the referee.

The subsequent ball was ultimately legalized, but Chennai, who needed four runs from the last ball, was able to win six points from Mitchell Santner.

“MS was a bit clear and didn’t seem to come, so take the opportunity to go out and discuss it with the judges,” coach Chennai Chen Fleming told reporters.

“He, of course, fired because of how the decision was made and why it was canceled … and wanted to clarify it at an important moment.”

Jose Butler from Rajasthan was not sure whether Donnie did the right thing to get close to the wise.

“It is clear that tensions in the IPL are growing, and each race is important, and this was an important moment in the game,” he said. “But if the entrance to the field is true, no, maybe not.”

Former England captain Michael Fogan was more outspoken in his criticism of Donnie.

“This is not a very good look at the game,” “There is absolutely no place for the commander to storm the stadium from the bunker.”

The Chennai leaders raised the lead to 12 points from seven games, pushing the second place to Kolkata Knight Raiders to four points.

The network said that the IPL network continued to gather a wider audience — 345 million viewers in India during the first two weeks, which is 14 percent more than a year ago over the same period.

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