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Caesarean section delivers high shipping cost: study

Caesarean section delivers high shipping cost: study

According to a recent ICDDR study, the cesarean section was high in Bangladesh, which showed that the cesarean section averaged $ 250 because of the cost of the PLO, since the usual pocket spending was only about $ 60.

The study, published on icddr, b, suggests that cases of such unbalanced delivery costs in section C may increase, because in Bangladesh, in recent years, section C has risen to 31 percent.

This figure is much higher than the WHO standards, ranging from 10 to 15 percent, and researchers have previously called for the introduction of effective national surveillance of cesarean sections.

Data was found that analyzed more than 4,500 cases of birth based on data from the Bangladesh Demographic and Medical Survey (BDHS) for 2014, as well as a cross-sectional survey of expenses related to the delivery of children.

In order to reduce the costs associated with childbirth, the study proposes to provide social health insurance in accordance with the main objective of the health financing strategy in Bangladesh.

Icddr researchers have emphasized that vulnerable groups spend relatively large amounts and need more medical insurance.

“It’s no wonder that the richest people spend about $ 280 on plot C, but the poorest spend at least $ 200, which is a big burden for their pockets,” said Dr. Abdul Razak Sarkar, a co-researcher in the world. The main author of the study.

“We also found that mothers aged 35 to 49 spend a lot and interestingly, and mothers who have received higher education and receive prenatal care are among those who spend more on section C and more often in urban areas of Bangladesh.”

According to Sarkar, more than 85 percent of families rely heavily on their family fund (including income and savings) to cope with this additional burden, which has a significant impact on their livelihoods.

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