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Burger King, being a ... vegetarian? ...

Burger King, being a … vegetarian? …

This is a series of 100 percent meat pies.

So what happens when a nap has no flesh?

BC, being a vegetarian. That’s right, people: enter “Impossible Whopper,” the version of “The Best Burger in America” without meat.

Obviously it was found.

For many years he could not marry all the time and was remotely similar to a piece of soft and juicy meat.

So far, the Impossible Whopper is in many St. Louis restaurants.

Marketing Director at Fernando Machado Bates Burger

“I have high expectations, not just a specialized product,” Machado said.

If you are looking for a new one, it will take you a lot of effort.

On Tuesday, Nestle plans to launch Sweet Earth’s Gourmet Poster.

A rival Nestlé bought it in December for the self-development sector.

White Rocks, Red Robin.

Silicon Valley Corporation was founded in 2011 at the end of this year.

“Hissing sound”

Although soy burgers have been around for a while, there were a lot of differences.

Food, Food and Vegetables,

New Nestlé products are made from soy and wheat proteins with herbal extracts, such as beets, carrots and sweet peppers.

“Burger is a giant swiss food.”

“During cooking,” he says.

In the United States, Sweet Earth, a California company acquired by Nestle 18 months ago, will become an Awesome Burger.

According to Nestlé, consumers look at the prints of their diets. ”

“We are vegetarian food.

In fact, it was introduced last September.

This trend is reflected in the so-called “flexibility”, a vegetarian diet of meat and plants,

It has been shown that there is a certain amount of food, such as protein and iron.

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