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Assistant "trying" to strangle the girl CU in the bus

Assistant “trying” to strangle the girl CU in the bus

An assistant bus reportedly tried to strangle a student from the University of Chittagong (CU) on his mobile car in the city on Thursday, when she was the only passenger at home.

According to police officer Mohammed Mohsen, a lawsuit was filed at the police station in Kouali on Friday and the police launched a campaign to identify the driver and the driver and arrest them.

He said that the CU student bus got off at New Market, which runs along Route 3 at gate 1 at the university around 3:00 pm on Thursday.

All passengers said that around 4:30 pm all passengers except the victim got off the bus on Reazuddin Street, and the bus began to move towards the station, as it changed its original course.

When the girl asked the driver to stop the bus because of fear, the assistant bus rushed to her and tried to strangle her with his scarf, he said.

She desperately tried to save herself, and the auxiliary girl hit the cell phone, rushed to the door and jumped off the moving bus.

She later returned to her home in a wheelchair with bruises all over her body.

The union’s vice-president, Iftikharuddin Chaudhry, said that he had spoken to the commissar of the Chittagong Metropolitan Police, Makhbubur Rahman, and called on him to arrest the bus driver and his assistant.

In addition, students formed a human chain on campus on Friday to demand the arrest of criminals.

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