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Action against OC if negligence is found in Nusrat: PGI

Police Inspector General (IGP), Javed Patwary, said on Friday that measures would be taken against Sonagazi’s model police station, OC Moazzem Hossain, if negligence is demonstrated in the handling of the case by the incendiary attack on Nusrat. Jahan Rafi.

The IGP made the comment by talking to reporters after its participation in the annual sports competition and award ceremony of Smriti School and Shaheed Police University in Mirpur-14 in the capital Friday. .

“Primarily, we have already withdrawn the CO. Now that the investigation is underway, if we have evidence of its negligence in handling the file appropriately, action will be taken against it (OC) according to law “said the IGP.

He added that the Police Investigation Bureau (PBI) was investigating the case and that measures would be taken against those involved in the incident.

On 6 April, Nusrat, interrogated by Alim of Madrasa Fazil Senior of Sonagazi Islamia, was burned in an examination center allegedly burned by people loyal to the director of her madrasa after her arrest and suspension for having accused her to have sexually harassed her.

Nusrat Jahan lost his fight for life Wednesday night, five days after the incident, at the university and Dhaka Medical Hospital.

Ten people have been arrested so far in the arson.